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New Homes Division - Roberts Brothers, Inc

New Homes Division

Roberts Brothers, Inc. offers buyers an opportunity to see what is available in the area when it comes to new homes or properties where new construction is possible. We work to bring the builder and the buyer together so both parties benefit from the meeting. Many first-time homebuyers don't know where to look when it comes to finding new homes or learning what their options are. We eliminate the guesswork and help establish a connection between buyer and builder.

New Construction Opportunities

We showcase new construction opportunities so potential buyers can see the newest trends in the real estate market, as well as find the perfect home for their location. We understand that our buyers want new homes that fit their personalities and provide them with the amenities they want and need. By showing off the newest opportunities in our area, we provide them with an advantage they wouldn't have had otherwise.

Homebuilders Association of Metro Mobile

The Homebuilders Association of Metro Mobile includes many local builders who are well known throughout the state. This allows buyers to see the latest technological advances and trends in the real estate market for the entire state, not just our local area. The goal is to make sure our buyers have the largest selection of homebuilders from which to choose. By joining forces with the Homebuilders Association of Metro Mobile, we can provide our buyers with that unique opportunity.

Making the Connection

Roberts Brothers, Inc. enables local builders to share their designs for new homes and tell future clients about their company. We create the perfect venue where local builders can make that important first connection with potential homebuyers who will benefit from seeing what they have to offer. Once the connection has been made, we can help facilitate an active working relationship in which both parties come together to finalize the deal.

As the real estate market in Mobile, Baldwin County and Orange Beach, Alabama continues to grow, more and more people are looking for opportunities to purchase a new home and relocate. When it comes to the Mobile area, Roberts Brothers, Inc. and the Homebuilders Association of Metro Mobile are working together to bring each buyer the best of all possible opportunities. We know how important finding the perfect home is, and we are here to make sure that happens.